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Before going out to face the cobblestones, we urge you to keep the following points in mind for your own safety and that of the people who live in the host towns and cities:

Follow the rules of the road: The Paris–Roubaix Challenge is a challenge ride held on roads open to traffic. As a result, you must always follow the rules of the road (e.g. traffic lights, right of way, and stop and yield signs).

Be cautious and follow the safety rules:

  • Ride on the right and stick to the right when being overtaken.
  • Overtake exclusively on the left side and signal when overtaking.
  • Adjust your speed to the weather conditions, especially in the cobbled sectors
  • Do not overestimate your physical condition.
  • Bring clothes for every weather. Expect both cold and hot weather.
  • Eat before you get too hungry to avoid bonking.

Warning: any participant who breaks the rules of the road will be liable to the penalties laid down in the French Highway Code.

Check your mandatory equipment: a helmet, a bottle (or hydration pack), a repair kit with 2 inner tubes or a tyre sealant kit made specifically for tubular tyres or tubeless tyres, and a pump to deal with punctures. Keep a charged mobile phone on you at all times during the event. You may need it to contact the medical or technical support services.

While technical support will be available, you may have to ride for several kilometres before reaching the closest support point. Fixed Shimano support points will be set up at the refreshment stations. There will also be several mobile points.

A tip for the cobblestones: use twice as much handlebar tape as usual and wear gloves!

If you witness a serious accident, call the emergency number (+33 (0)9 72 45 60 01) and tell the operator at what kilometre point it has taken place. This emergency number will also appear on your race number. You can also call this number to alert the race CP if there are any problems with the course.

Remember that there will be first aid stations along the course and at the finish where you can seek assistance if you get hurt.

Paris–Roubaix Femmes will be taking place on the same course and on the same day as the Paris–Roubaix Challenge. 

Review the schedule of your race to be sure to beat the time limit. You are advised to start as early as possible.

You need to reach the Roubaix Velodrome by 4:30pm. Otherwise, members of the organisation (marshals, motorbike riders…) will guide you towards a different return course to take you to the Parc des Sports de Roubaix without getting caught by the Elite Women's race.